Lantern is a utility to help users gain access to blocked sites. For all the time you have been using the Internet, you have probably stumbled upon sites that are blocked in your region for one reason or another. It is almost impossible to get to such sites, only if you do not use special VPN programs, such as Lantern. This utility will be able to provide you easily and quickly with access to any site on the Internet, which you want to get to. The advantages of the application are the guarantee of complete security to users, high speed, reliability and ease while working with the application. Download the official version of Lantern for free from our website.


The presented software product is suitable for use on the following platforms:

Windows – the standard version of the application is available for users of computers and laptops based on the operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, 32/64- bit.

Mac OS – install the free app on your MacBook and use all the features of Lantern.

Linux – users of devices with Linux operating system can also safely use this VPN manager.

Android – the program has a mobile version for smartphones and tablets with Android OS.

iOS – a mobile version for iOS devices is available to you.

Features of the Lantern app

  • A user-friendly application with an intuitive interface. This program will not cause any difficulties for users during its use. All functions are extremely simple and easy to use. It is suitable for both experienced users and beginners in the field of similar applications.
  • High speed operation. Don’t you worry about the fact that when using a VPN, the speed of your Internet connection will drop, this won’t happen. Thanks to special processes, the program is able to support high-speed data transmission while working in the Internet space.
  • Free utility. You don’t have to pay anything for using the program, which is undoubtedly its advantage and distinguishes it from competitors. You are given 500 MB for a month for free, but if you need more, you can subscribe to the PRO version.
  • Work wherever you like. You can use this program on your smartphone or computer wherever you want: at work, in the office, at home, in a cafe, at school or university. Your location doesn’t affect the quality of the program in any way.
  • Compactness. The program doesn’t take up much space on your device and downloading and installing it takes a few minutes. Also, the application is lightweight and won’t interfere with the operation of your device or the functioning of its main processes.
  • Safety. With the help of special protection protocols, the utility provides you with complete security and confidentiality while working on the network. Lantern has a traffic encryption feature that it uses while providing users with access to blocked sites and pages on the Internet.


If you are tired of not being able to visit the sites you need because they are blocked in your region, then Lantern is the solution to all your problems. The professional program will bypass any blocking of content on the Internet and will open any blocked site or page for you. Download Lantern to your device and start using a professional VPN manager right now.